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Mia Freedman is an acclaimed public speaker and MC who regularly works with some of Australia’s biggest companies giving inspirational and entertaining keynote presentations as well as hosting events and conferences. Mia works regularly in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne and is able to travel further for speaking engagements depending on her availability, as well as being available for virtual keynotes.

Mia has a variety of popular keynotes she delivers on subjects including:

- The Real Secret To Work-Life Balance

- How I Built A Media Company From My Lounge Room

- Harnessing The Power Of Disruption To Grow Your Business

- Using Social Media To Put A Rocket Up Your Business

- Lady Startups: How Female Entrepreneurs Are Changing The World

- The 5 Key Secrets To Using Women To Grow Your Business

- What Women Want: How To Successfully Market To A Female Audience

- How Having A Core Purpose Is The Key To Business Success


Kate Wellard

Asia-Pacific Head of Marketing


Mia has spoken at two LivePerson executive women's events. The current unprecedented conditions meant that we had to adopt a virtual format - which was an obstacle Mia took in her stride! She was engaging, real, authentic and so insightful! Our clients loved every bit of the conversation  - with many commenting that it was the best video conference event they have ever attended! She is down to earth, friendly and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Michelle Isherwood

Economic Development Officer

Banyule City Council

From the moment I first spoke to Mia she was accommodating, polite and easy to deal with. At the event Mia was open and willing to talk to anyone, mingle, and more than happy to be approached for the all-important selfie. As soon as Mia appeared on stage she had everyone's full attention and captivated the entire audience until the very end!  Mia was an amazing and inspiring guest speaker, her presentation was insightful, motivating, humorous and most importantly she was very 'real'. Everyone in the audience could relate to her in some way.

Rachel Middleton

Committee Member

Women In Insurance NSW

Mia was very well received by over 500 members and guests with a very funny and thought provoking insight into many issues that affect our day to day lives. Our audience enjoyed rare insight into what goes on behind the scenes of social media, fashion shoots and mainstream media. Mia showed us how things are not always quite as they seem, once you scratch the surface! Mia’s content, delivery and professionalism were second to none, and the feedback we have received tells us that our audience were left feeling thoroughly entertained.

Penny Harrisson

Events & Sponsorship Manager


It was an absolute delight having Mia Freedman speak at our Convention. She certainly closed our Convention with a bang, incorporating humour into her presentation. I believe humour is a very effective way to communicate important topics, which Mia did seamlessly. We would certainly be interested in having Mia speak again in the future.

Chris Biesbroek

Business Support Officer


Mia spoke with passion and conviction and had the audience absorbed in her presentation, inspiring them to what can and needs to be achieved - it was refreshing to hear from someone so honest in her opinions. What you see is what you get with Mia, someone who is delightful to deal with and enthusiastic with her topic.  Highly recommended by our guests.

Marguerite McKinnon

Business Integration Manager

BEC Business Advice South & West NSW

Mia Freedman was the speaker we all wanted. Refreshingly real, down-to-earth, easy-going and the girlfriend we all felt like we know, plus she came with a powerful message. She "gets" the realities and pressures of life like few other would openly admit. Her honesty and ability to tell her story well is why everyone loved her.

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